The race is over - and we have returned safely back home

This have become an adventure with trials and unexpected solutions.
It have been interesting and a lot of fun. We will never forget about it.
We did also raise 11.325 NOK from our sponsors to YWAM Gambia
which we are very satisfied with. Thank you to all of you!

See pictures in our
blog, photosite (NEW!), or read text-messages (sms) from us
or the other teams while we where on the road.


In January of 2009, brothers, Gunnar and Hans Einar will challenge the roads of Europe, the sand of the Sahara desert, and their own abilities; all in an old French car (a Peugeot). They will take part in the adventure rally - through Europe, and halfway down into West Africa, to the country of Gambia...The trip is about 7500 km

This is Plymouth - Dakar
the Banjul Challenge:

-No money
-No sense
-No worries

When we reach Gambia, all the cars will be auctioned off and the money will go to charity.

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