Short History
We are two brothers - Gunnar og Hans Einar Thorset - who grew up in Ål, Hallingdal in the mountain area in the southern part of Norway.
Last year we took a holiday to Gambia (Nov 2007). It was there, that we got the idea of driving Hans Einar’s car down to Gambia - to sell it. The car is a Peugeot 505 GTI from 1990..

The idea was quickly aborted, when we realized that there is a law in Senegal (which we would have to obey, since we would driving through Senegal to reach Gambia) which says that no one is allowed to drive a car that is older than five years of age into the country..
After some surfing on the internet we found the solution - the so called - ‘banger-rally’ called
“Plymouth - Dakar, the Banjul Challenge”. This is a rally with old cars only worth £100 and goes from Plymouth in England to Banjul (the capital in Gambia) and we would still to be allowed to drive through Senegal as long as a local officer would be sitting in the backseat of our car all the way through Senegal to be sure that we would also drive the car of the country - and not just dump the car in the there.

We know that this is a much smaller and less glamourous rally than the more well known Paris-Dakar Rally (now called Dakar Rally). But this ‘banger-rally’ is just as adventurous and challenging as the Dakar Rally.
The purpose of this race is not to win or to reach the finish line first. The purpose in Plymouth-Dakar is to ACCOMPLISH the challenge and to REACH the finish line..

In the beginning of January 2009, about 20 cars start off from different parts of Europe. When we reach the southern tip of Spain, we will meet up and form teams of 4-5 cars. Then, we will take the ferry crossing over to Morocco and it is there that the real event starts...

As a participant in “Plymouth - Dakar” there are some rules to follow:
One of the rules is that - when we reach Gambia all the cars will be auctioned off and the money we raise will go to a charity down there.

Our team - Brothers in mission - have different sponsors who helps us out with the cost of this rally. 50% of the income from our sponsors will also go to the same charity-project in Gambia.

Gunnar (29)
Gunnar lives in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. He is an electrician in Siemens and his workplace is “his own airport” - the Stavanger airport Sola. Gunnar has been living here for six years - with the wild north sea and the high mountains he likes it in Stavanger very much.

Gunnar enjoys to spending time with good friends - and enjoys experiencing new things. He likes to watch movies and play board games - and also enjoys playing sports and out door activities. He does some acting in his church
IMI church which he attends.

Gunnar really enjoys to getting to know people from different cultures. He has traveled to most of the continents (but he miss the Antarctica : ) and has made some close friends from several of those...

When it comes to fixing cars he absolutely feels like a newbie. But his dad is an experienced amateur car mechanic. If a problem occurs a phone call to him will probaply be the solution. Gunnar does believe that with some McGyver tape, some steel wire, some kind of rope and good humor will sort out most of the problems that arise...
Lets get started!

Hans Einar (35)


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